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Term limits

George Washington clearly understood that the

greatest danger to a democracy is abuse of power

and corruption. Politicians are NOT wiser or more

able to legislate, just more connected and wealthy.

Term limits for ALL politicians is the only solution

to our corrupt dysfunctional political system.


Submitted by ginnsanj2 5 years ago

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly. While I acknowledge that there are career politicians who do manage to be continuously innovative and responsive to their constituents, the vast majority of them are ballast at best. A person ceases to be a useful and productive member of society as soon as they are identified as a politician. As long as politicians can be re-elected indefinitely, government is going to remain a game of covering your rear. Limit everyone to two terms in any given office, and the only career politicians will be the ones who demonstrate their value unequivocally.

    5 years ago

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