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Integrity Needed

As a whistle blower - 1) the species is not endangered as Congress would say, it is dead. 2) We have no checks and balances to control ego, greed and lies - and all whistle blowers are met with retaliation and "We warn you WHAT WE will do" has many witnesses. 3) Organizations in charge of looking into theft DO NOTHING - try the EEOC case number UWZ4FO or our Attorney General 08-1600 or The D.O.I. 4) And Patronage starts in Albany and filtes down to every campus.

On 12/23/05 a whisitle blowers hotline was established on the largest government funded/city employees website regarding my case. Integrity Officers are being hired by the droves and not a word in my pending case could be denied. A Provost has quietly left his position and The Head of grants and Research has stepped down - coincidence? a court will decide.

On July 4th. with a tea party some 4 million strong i hope to review my case, the e-mails from Albant and those of the private non profit I am going against, along with their opinions of the government agency that funds all this. Numbers are no longer clients. You need the right people looking into matters and actually doing something rather than allowing corruption by doing nothing. And numbers being requested from government funded agencies are denied for good reason and the word transparency a fear. You have no checks and balances.


Submitted by Robert Stein 5 years ago

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  1. Robert Stein Idea Submitter

    Hope to see all of you on July 4th. and as I read the e-mails and letters from Albany destined for the shredder.....in need of explanation regarding how retaliation works

    5 years ago
  2. Robert Stein Idea Submitter

    A solution given to me by individuals is to make those responsible for retaliation - Personally Liable for all court fees and judgments if found guilty. Having recently seen an Inspector General terminated when questioning 16 million in spending, having read of the general council at a local college released when he questioned spending, having seen a certified advisor and others terminated when they questioned false reports terminated, and it could go on and on. In every case the guilty party advised those they politically released that the emplopyer was .... RFCUNY where the taxpayer overs the tab,a nd the guilty usually get reassigned withing the system. Personally Liable and accountable for your actions - like in the real world.

    And if those fingered at fault are responsible in the eyes of the law and can't pay - then go after the organization that hired them - if they knew - and they all do.

    4 years ago

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