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The New York State Senators are not currently doing their jobs, and however much finger-pointing they want to do, all of them are responsible for the standstill in our state's government. You want to talk about ethics and accountability? Then it's high time our Senators were doing their jobs instead of bickering. I think their pay should be frozen retroactive to the date they froze the legislative process, and if they can't come to a decision, they should all be replaced. It's unacceptable for them to be getting paid when they aren't producing any results.


Submitted by pete_coste 5 years ago

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  1. Senator Marcellino,

    I appreciate the time you and your staff took to write this explanatory email. I applaud you efforts to bring transparency to government by explaining in your newsletter and these notes what has transpired. Please keep doing this, as I and I am sure others read these with interest.

    This said, every year I am more and more convinced that our system of government is irrevocably broken. Career politician are one of the major issues and flaws of the system. We need new blood, new ideas mixed with people who understand how to implement government and get things done. This does not need to be the elected officials, but rather the next layer down that are professionals and career administrators.

    Your viewpoint on tax and spend, or rather lack of any other option to tax and spend is not only surprising but appalling. When are politicians going to understand the simple message, “No, we cannot afford everything or perhaps not this year.” Period, no debate, just NO. There is no budget. As the owner of small businesses and COO of a mid size firm of 500 people, I know it is difficult to say no and to promise that instead it will be budgeted for next year, but this is fiscal responsibility that is often lacking in government.

    If you have doubts that this can work, I point you to all successful small businesses who survive more than 2 years, and you will find a prudent owner. You might claim, that government cannot work this way, but it can and it does. I direct you to the State of Hawaii, where if you drive on remote roads, you will see road signs, which are posted , clearly stating this is where public funds ran out this year for repair or improvement. The signs also show the budget figures for the following year and expected start and end dates. This allows the public the transparency to see their funds at work and to decide quite proactively, if these expenditures are needed this year of if something else must take priority.

    Please begin adopting these approaches to government finances, show accountability and your will earn the lasting respect of your constituents like myself , who have all but lost hope that their elected officials are disconnected from fiscal reality.

    One final suggestion, in management, I and other executives often teach our subordinates the idea that you cannot manage anything if you are not measuring it and reporting results. This is a basic truth. I suggest to help us and to help you sway your fellow representatives, with the support of a strong, engaged and vocal constituents, have a web site prepared which documents the vote of each of the elected representatives on each and every bill in the senate and assembly. Provide the representatives the opportunity to explain their reasons for voting the way they did for each vote. This will allow the public to understand the current situations and more effectively vote for officials who represent them, or replace them with those who do and can get the job done.

    5 years ago

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